The Nonnegotiable of Growth

alexis-brown-82988What if getting better was a nonnegotiable for everyone in your organization? Sure, I understand that God is ultimately in charge of our improvement. Consider the responsibility, however, of full-on cooperation. If we do not daily give Him something to work with, little inner success will occur.

So, what does it look like for you as a leader to implement the nonnegotiable of growth among those you are privileged to lead? Patrick Lencioni has written a tremendous book entitled, The Ideal Team Player. He says that, first of all, improvement is not an option. Secondly, he profoundly communicates that the organization should provide plenty of support for the employees’ development. And, lastly, in the spirit of the nonnegotiable, he shares that if someone decides to opt out and leave the organization, that would be okay.

Three words come to mind when we talk nonnegotiables:  trust, accountability, grace. Those who want to grow will always grow with help. And, when they know that our heart is with them in their growth journey, their desire will increase even more. Building trust along the way is key to this entire subject. In light of accountability, take regular time for transparency among book studies, learning venues, and developmental questions. Don’t let your weekly meetings just be about throwing out information or giving reports. Foster intelligent and interesting dialogue around leadership thoughts. And, offer a whole lot of grace, because growth stretches us and makes us uncomfortable. Keep gracefully pressing the issue of growth, personally and corporately, however, no matter how difficult it might be for them. The outcome will be a contagion of betterment.

Those who want to grow will always grow with help.

Leaders, please don’t see this as only a pay scale issue. Growth opportunities and how we provide them must be seen as much among those who do not get monetary remuneration as those who do. Hey, we are all volunteers, one way or the other. We all volunteer to be a part of whatever it is we are doing. That’s the cooperation thing we talked about earlier.

In review, provide the steps to grow. Make growth doable for those you lead. I know this sounds crazy, but what if, in fact, you and your organization did begin to make growth a nonnegotiable? If we do it in the spirit of truth, accountability and grace, God will be honored because people will be challenged to surrender more. And, when it comes to leading with God’s blessings, the greater our surrender, the greater our potential!

(There are a lot more books and articles on this subject that I’m happy to share with you.  Comment below and give me your questions or thoughts.)

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